Kanzashi For All Seasons

Submitted by kibadmin on Thu, 07/23/2009 - 13:05

One of the many fun things about the flowers in Kanzashi In Bloom is their versatility. Depending on the fabrics you select, and how you accessorize them with buttons and stamens, they can express any season.

Up above there, we have a flower representing Spring in soft pink and green. Next to it, a Summertime flower shines in bright yellow and fuschia.

This warm-toned Autumn flower is capped with a woven leather button. And for Winter, here's a flower in deep, rich hues.

You may even notice that all four of these are made in the same style - with just a few tweaks of the petals here and there to change their shape.

In Japan, Geisha and their apprentices, known as Maiko, often wear specific Kanzashi flowers to represent the seasons of the year. On Wikipedia, you can see a list of traditional Kanzashi designs for each month of the year.