Cool Reader Projects!

Submitted by kibadmin on Tue, 10/20/2009 - 14:00

I've been meaning to share some cool stuff from the . Creative people from all over have been posting insanely cool projects. Makes me want to go back and write the thing all over again so I can include them!

For example, this cute upgrade of a thrift-store handbag by Suzy Spence, who writes GeorgiaPeachez.

Here's an awesome Kanzashi for Fall, rendered in corduroy, by .

I love this combination of tiny Kanzashi and pearl dangles! It's made by Maricy, of . (Follow that link - she's made all kinds of pretty Kanzashi.

...And Cathe Holden has been doing some freaking amazing Kanzashi projects lately. Look at this flower with names printed in the petals! She has a how-to for this on her blog, Just Something I Made.

She also blogged recently about making Kanzashi from thrift-store purse leather, and creating a custom button center. Cuh-razy amazing. She has a how-to for that button as well.

Please keep them coming, my friends! I love seeing what you've made!