How to Fix a Rumpled Kanzashi

Submitted by kibadmin on Tue, 07/28/2009 - 11:57

Sometimes, you send someone a Kanzashi and it gets a little bent in the mail. Or, sometimes you'll pack a Kanzashi away for the season, only to find it a bit crushed later.

Not to worry! You can repair a lot of damages with an applique iron!

a>Applique irons, also called mini irons, are available at many Jo-Ann stores and quilting shops. They get as hot as a regular iron (so be very careful), but the ironing surface is small and easy to manuver.

You can pass the hot applique iron over and between the petals of your Kanzashi and restore it to its original shape.

See? Good as new!

In many cases, you can even use this method to re-orient a petal that's bent out of place, as it has here.

Just gently press the petal back in the right direction with the hot iron. Repeat this as many times as needed.

...And your flower will be back to normal!

Be sure to read the package directions on your applique iron, and use the appropriate setting for the fabric in your flower.